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At Hey Dental Clinic, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality of #dentalcare for all our patients. Our team of experienced dentists and hygienists are committed to helping patients achieve and maintain optimal oral health in a safe, welcoming and comfortable environment.

We take pride in our comprehensive and personalized approach to dental care. Every patient is treated with respect and care, and we strive to make sure that each visit is pleasant and stress-free. We understand that a trip to the dentist can be overwhelming, and we are here to make sure that your experience is as positive as possible. Visit Hey Dental Clinic today!

Hey Dental Clinic - DMCC giving you 32 Reasons to Smile! We offer a full suite of services to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful. From regular check-ups, #fillings, #crowns, and #implants to #cosmetic dentistry, you can count on our compassionate and experienced dental team to provide quality care with a gentle touch.

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Best Dental Clinic, Best Smile in Dubai



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The Best Dental Clinic in Dubai

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Best Dental Clinic in Dubai, Best Dentists in Dubai, Best Dental Clinic near me

Dr. Mahmoud Haidar is a dedicated General Dentist at Hey Dental Clinic, where he provides comprehensive dental care to his patients. Apart from general dentistry, Dr. Haidar possesses a unique specialization in clear aligners, a modern approach to teeth straightening without traditional braces. His expertise in this field ensures that patients receive not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing solutions to their orthodontic needs. With a commitment to patient satisfaction and continual professional growth, Dr. Haidar remains a valuable asset to the Hey Dental Clinic team.

Dr. Mahmoud Haidar

Dental surgery & General dentist 

The Best Dentist for Clear Aligners

Our Dentists
Dr. Hanuma Andjelkovic is a distinguished figure in the world of #dentistry, Bringing a combination of profound expertise and #leadership skills, Dr. Andjelkovic one of the Best #Swedish Dentists in #DUBAI UAE @ one of the Best Dental Clinic, she also practices as a dentist specializing in dental surgery, showcasing her versatility in both managing the clinic's operations and providing top-notch dental care to patients.

Dr. Hanuma Andjelkovic 

Medical Director, Dental surgery and General dentist

The Best Dentist in Dubai, Best dental Clinic

Dr. Marwan Sarhal is an esteemed professional associated with Hey Dental Clinic in Dubai. Recognized for his exceptional skills and dedicated approach, Dr. Sarhal stands out as the best implantologist in the city. His unparalleled expertise in dental implants, combined with his commitment to patient care, has made him an invaluable asset to the clinic and a trusted name among patients seeking the highest quality of dental treatment in Dubai.

Dr. Marwan Serhal 

Periodontist Implantologist

The Best Implant in Dubai, The Best Clinic

Dental clinic Teeth smiling
Best Dentists, Best Clinic

At Hey Dental Clinic, we merge traditional dentistry with contemporary innovation. Nestled within our state-of-the-art facility, we are equipped with cutting-edge technology and methods, ensuring you receive unparalleled dental care. Our mission is simple: to help you attain and flaunt a radiant, healthy smile in today's fast-paced world. Join us, and experience dentistry with a modern twist.

The Best International Accredited Clinc


Hi beautiful Dra Carla, God bless your hands. I loved my experience yesterday. It was much better than I thought or had ever experienced in my life. I'm going to make an appointment to do another one and I'm also going to give your clinic number to a colleague in Maldova who is looking for someone good and I believe you are the right person. Best regards,


" Excellent service. I have been coming here for more than 10 years after trying other dentist in Dubai and couldn't recommend them enough. Always in save hands with the dentist here. "


"Very good experience 👍🏻 everyone was so professional and friendly and accommodating !!! (especially Dr.Mahmoud and Dr.Hanuma:)) "

Sara Dz

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Best Dental Clinic in Dubai, Best Dentists in Dubai, Best Dental Clinic near me, Best Dental Clinic Reviews

Our Address

Block C, JLT, Goldcrest Executive Business Tower,
106, First Floor , P.O. Box 309035, Dubai DMCC,
United Arab Emirates

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Tel : +971 4 450 8717
Fax : +971 4 450 8706
Emergency call:+971 50 288 2569
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